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The impact of the development trend of the security industry on the terminal line- [Donggu

source:未知 popularity:time:2020-01-04 10:22
With the rapid development of the security industry in China, the terminal wire market sales will usher in a new growth trend. According to the latest data, the domestic security industry market size has increased from 25 billion yuan to 120 billion yuan in recent years, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 30%. This shows that the security industry will become the most important application field of terminal wires. Leyang Electronics urged colleagues to grasp the good opportunity of the rapid development of the security market and review the situation. Work hard for your own terminal wire sales again to a new level!

Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", various policies such as safe city construction have continued to be carried out and deepened, and users in various industries such as transportation, education, and finance have continued to increase their awareness of security, and the video surveillance market will maintain strong growth in the future. Industry insiders agree that on the huge terminal wire market platform of the security industry, terminal wire companies should step up product sales, promote mutual cooperation among enterprises, and then stimulate consumption to fight the terminal wire market sales battle.
At the same time, domestic terminal wire manufacturers with a certain scale and strength began to increase investment in product key technology research and development, independent research and innovation, and production in accordance with international standards, which greatly improved the overall technical level of domestic terminal wires. In addition, foreign brands have invested and built factories in China, and our personnel have also learned a large number of advanced technologies and management models. The continuous flow of personnel and funds of foreign-funded enterprises has also helped the development of Chinese terminal block and wire enterprises to a certain extent.
Dongguan Leyang, as a professional manufacturer of terminal blocks and wires, continues to innovate and move forward. Based on international technical experience, it is oriented towards personalized service and serves more customers.