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Talking about the development trend of China's terminal wire industry- [DONGGUAN LEYANG]

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Since 2017, the growth rate of China's terminal wire industry is much higher than the world. As the world's manufacturing industry shifts to China, the global focus of production also shifts to China. China has become the world's largest terminal wire production base. The overall level of China's manufacturing has been rapidly improved, and the size of the terminal wire market has been expanding year by year. China has become the region with the most potential for development and the fastest growth in the global terminal wire market. The compound growth rate of China's terminal wire industry from 2009 to 2017 reached 13.59%, which is much higher than the global growth rate of 8.05% during the same period.

China's terminal wire market trend in 2020:
I. Rapid development of 5G communications.
China actively promotes the construction of 5G networks, which means that a new giant cake is waiting for Chinese and foreign telecommunications equipment vendors to "cut down". Many communication equipment manufacturers have participated in the investment and testing of 5G, which means that China has initially formed Relatively complete industrial chains, including Huawei, Datang, ZTE, Hisilicon, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Shanghai Bell and other domestic and foreign telecommunications equipment manufacturers have launched commercial or pre-commercial products. The core network, fiber optic cable, and wiring equipment benefit first, followed by the access network equipment, and then the network sequence of the network optimization, test equipment, and network management software. Terminals and operators benefit slightly, and value-added services and operation and maintenance services provide Businesses benefit in the end.
5G development has greatly increased the demand for terminal wires. Demand for high-end coaxial RF cables, RF antennas, fiber optic cables, QSFP, and terminal wires is increasing.

2. The demand for smart mobile terminals such as smart phones is stable.
Smart products are showing thinner and lighter, higher performance, more functions, and longer battery life. This will require terminal wires used in them to have smaller sizes, wider operating frequencies, and higher transmission speeds. In recent years, wearable devices, the Internet of Things and other fields have developed rapidly, and new requirements have been put on the terminal wire industry.
In the context of the pursuit of light, thin, short, and small electronic products, the terminal wire market has a bright future. Various high-tech electronic products that have appeared in recent years have used this technology in large numbers, such as digital cameras, digital video cameras, and automotive satellite directions Positioning devices, LCD TVs, notebook computers, etc., are particularly widely used in communication fields such as mobile phones.
Three. Automotive and industrial terminal wires or open new growth space
With the global restrictions on fuel vehicles, the development of new energy vehicles is very fast. Especially in China, becoming a new energy vehicle powerhouse has become a national strategy. The implementation of Industry 4.0 and "Made in China 2025" has higher requirements and demands for industrial terminal wires. The automotive and intelligent manufacturing terminal wire market will become the world's largest application market for terminal wires.